Feedback, Opinion and Review of the Waste King L-1001 ½ HP Garbage Disposal

The Takeaway – ‘The Waste King L-1001 ½ HP Garbage Disposal – Perfect slimline low-cost option ($50) for small spaces and small households. Lots of good reviews, but only 2 year warranty. For a family, go for a larger motor and longer warranty (eg. our Best Buys: L-8000 or Evolution Compact).’

The Waste King L-1001 ½ HP Garbage Disposal by the numbers:
Waste King L-1001 ½ HP Legend Series Garbage Disposal

  • Uses the EZ Mount system – lock the neck into place on your sink, then attach the body
  • 8,950 users out of 12,260 (73%) rate this unit 5 stars – above average for all disposers and no change from last year
  • 490 users out of 12,260 (4%) rate this unit 1 star – just on average, but personally I would say disappointing numbers based on the number purchased
  • 0.5 HP 2,600 RPM motor – mainly suitable for small spaces and small households
  • Integrated power cord with plug
  • Small housing – takes up less under-sink space
  • Can connect to a dishwasher
  • Only a 2 year warranty – you get what you pay for
  • Waste King customer care has good feedback
  • Hovering around $60 –  good if you’re on a budget


(First published May 2018, this review with collation of opinions and feedback has been updated again January 2023)

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from User Feedback

Let’s start with the Good (the 5 star feedback):

  • Great value
  • Easy to install
  • Compact
  • Quiet
  • Good customer care

The large majority of buyers give top marks. There will always be the unfortunate few with any product who struggle.

Overall, the Waste King L-1001 is good value in a small package, but I would question how long it will last.

Waste King L-1001 installed
Waste King L-1001 installed – courtesy of Amazon

Just be aware that it may not last as long as you would like, but at least one user has reported more than 10 years of good use and still going strong.

With only a 0.5 HP motor, it will not be that noisy. Yes, the sound insulation inside the housing will be minimal due to the small footprint. But, if noise is not really an issue with you, then the large majority of users appear to be just fine with it.

The EZ Mount system by and large works. Many users think it is good and works well. When there is an issue, users also like the Waste King customer support. There is the odd frustration here and there, but compared to the other brands, the Waste King support is clearly superior based on feedback.

Moving on to the Bad (the 3 star feedback):

  • Noisy
  • Remove dishwasher cap, if connecting a dishwasher drainage pipe
  • Under powered
  • Vibration

A good number of users do mention the noise. Again, this is not surprising due to the slimline housing. It is very difficult to have a small footprint and insulate the motor to reduce noise.

If a quiet unit is high on your list of priorities, then review some of the other slightly larger Waste King devices. You will lose some under sink space, but these will be quieter.

If you have a dishwasher that you want to drain through the L-1001 disposer, then some buyers have commented that they did not realize that you need to knockout the dishwasher plug before connecting the unit to your sink (it is really difficult to reach after connection). This caused some irritation.

Unsurprisingly, some do comment on the lack of power. The L-1001 is a smaller unit, great for small flats and apartments. But, it does only have a 0.5 HP motor. Again, you get what you pay for. If you want a smaller unit, which is not under-powered, has quality parts, low-noise, and a reasonable warranty, go for our InSinkErator Best Buy Evolution Compact.

I mentioned this above, but a few people have also reported the EZ Mount system working loose over time due to vibration. If this is a concern, select a unit with the traditional 3-Bolt Mount, which looks like this …

3 Bolt Mount
3 Bolt Mount

… otherwise, just check the tightness of EZ Mount every 6 months or year (and installing using plumbers putty will also help!).

And, onto the Ugly (the 1 star feedback):

  • Shiny chrome ‘Waste King’ flange
  • Can be tricky to fit, even with the EZ Mount system
  • Slow to drain
  • It’s cheap, so may not last
  • The supplied stopper sometimes doesn’t water-tightly seal perfectly if you want to fill the sink

The unit does come with everything that you need in the box, aside from plumbers putty. To get a good watertight seal, you probably do want to clean the mouth of the sink thoroughly, and even though the this L-1001 disposer is provided with a rubber mounting gasket, I personally would still use plumbers putty to mount the rubber gasket. This should make a thoroughly watertight barrier.

The flange that comes with the L-1001 disposer is shiny and has ‘Waste King’ engraved on it. Some folks think this is a bit gaudy, and have complained about this …

Waste King shiny chrome flange
Waste King shiny chrome flange – courtesy of Amazon

The EZ Mount system for the large majority of buyers does appear to be fine and straightforward. But, some do-it-yourselfers do struggle with this system. Although not likely an issue with this lightweight model, be aware that the EZ Mount can on occasion vibrate loose over time with the larger units. A simple annual periodic check and tighten is the simple remedy.

To be honest, just watch this video about the EZ Mount system, and follow it to the letter. You should have no issues …

There is some feedback that this unit is slow to drain. This assumes that you only have one sink bowl, and the L-1001 is connected to the single mouth of the sink.

This is perhaps not overly surprising. It is often commented that the removable Waste King splashguard is too rigid and needs more flexibility. This inevitably impacts flow rate into the unit.

The housing of this disposer is small also, which again may result in slow draining.

A simple solution is to run the disposer whenever you are using the sink for any extended period of time. Another option is to remove the splashguard.

Finally, some users do complain that it does not last long. As I have mentioned in many of the other reviews, you will generally get what you pay for. The unit has to endure a harsh working environment. The internals are subjected to, amongst other things, a mixture of water, grease, chemicals, and air. Ideal for rust and corrosion. Some parts are stainless steel, but overall, for $70, you only get a 2 year warranty.

If you want a disposer that is likely to last longer, the reality is that you have to double your budget to get better quality parts and a longer warranty. If you don’t want a huge unit, then our Best Buy Evolution Compact by InSinkErator is the perfect balance. Pay a bit more now, and avoid the hassle of having to reinstall in the short term.

You can see more WasteKing Garbage Disposals or go through the list of best garbage disposal brands.

Star Rating on Amazon:

Four and a half stars

Customer rating: 8,950 users out of 12,260 rate this unit 5 stars

“Great value, easy to install” – Verified Purchase

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Use this Interactive Guide to Choose the Right Garbage Disposer for You

Features of the Waste King L-1001 ½ HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

Compact Space-efficient design – A compact design which can easily fit under the sink in your kitchen. The removable splashguard also allows for easier cleaning.

Dimensions and Weight – The whole weight of the machine is just 7.5 pounds, and the dimensions are 5.2” x 5.2” x 12.8”.

Noise – The machine offers reasonably quiet operation when grinding, but larger units will inevitably have more insulation.

EZ Mount Installation – The system consists of the EZ Mount installation system, which overall gives you smooth and easy installation under your sink. Make sure it is tight, to reduce the chance of becoming loose over time due to vibration.

Power – The Waste King Legend 1001 has ½ horsepower motor which is quite powerful. If the unit is for one person or a couple, then it should be fine. For a family, aim for something a little bigger (see the Takeaway above for recommendations).

Durability and Reliability – From user feedback, the reliability is probably just okay. Personally, I would try and pay more for better quality and a longer warranty, as I do not want the hassle of replacing the unit just after the 2 year warranty expires (which is usually exactly what happens to me with all sorts of appliances!).

Final Verdict

The Waste King L-1001 ½ HP Best Garbage disposal is a good rated product with a really small footprint.

  • Most users install in under an hour
  • The design is highly compact and space efficient, which makes it fit easily under the sink of the kitchen
  • Easy enough to maintain and clean with the removable splashguard
  • Powerful enough for one and two person households
  • No reset button (use a wooden spoon through the mouth to release a jam!)
  • Only a 2 year warranty
  • Get a bigger unit with a longer warranty, if you have a family – see my Editor’s Choice

Star Rating on Amazon:

Four and a half stars

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