Feedback, Opinion and Review of the Waste King L-3300 ¾ HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

The Takeaway – ‘The Waste King L-3300 ¾ HP Garbage Disposal – Great option for families – the 10 year warranty is the standout feature,  along with the EZ Mount system (the identical L-9940 has the 3 Bolt mount), plenty of good reviews, and a strong 3/4 HP motor.’

The Waste King L-3300 ¾ HP Garbage Disposal by the numbers:
Waste King L-3300 ¾ HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

  • Uses the EZ Mount system. If you prefer the traditional 3-Bolt, then check out the Waste King L-9940
  • 978 users out of 1,288 (76%) rate this unit 5 stars – an improvement from last year and above average based on all disposers
  • 38 users out of 1,288 (3%) rate this unit 1 star – a significantly lower percentage than last year and well below average
  • 0.75 HP 2,700 RPM motor – fine for all but the largest of families
  • Integrated power cord – plug-and-play
  • Larger housing than the 1/2 HP units, but smaller than the 1 HP units
  • The warranty is an excellent 10 years
  • Waste King customer care has good feedback, better than InSinkErator
  • Hovering around $105 – cheaper than last year, so it is great value


(First published May 2018, this review with collation of opinions and feedback has been updated January 2023)

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from User Feedback

Let’s start with the Good (the 5 star feedback):

  • Quiet
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent 10 year warranty
  • Cost-effective
  • Strong motor

The large majority of feedback is extremely positive.

Users love the long 10 year warranty, and Waste King does seem, on the whole, to do a good job of honoring the warranty for the original purchaser.

Many buyers feel happy that the grinding noise is quiet enough (contrasting with a small handful of complaints about the noise).

Installation, on the whole, seems perfectly manageable for the large percentage of buyers. Just make sure you carefully read the instructions and it does then seem to go well. Use plumbers putty when mounting the flange to the sink to improve leak resistance.

This unit is a great size for all but the largest of families, and has a strong motor.

Overall, I like the 10 year warranty. I personally prefer the 3 Bolt Mount over the EZ Mount system, and would therefore opt for the L-9940 (even though this has a lesser 8 year warranty). I am just slightly concerned with possible vibration over time working the EZ Mount connector loose. This does not happen with the 3 Bolt System.

Having said that, a large number of users are really very happy with this unit. Here’s a picture from one user to give you an idea of size …

Waste King L-3300 installed under sink
Waste King L-3300 installed under sink – courtesy of Amazon

… and a close up view …

Waste King L-3300 installed under sink - close up
Waste King L-3300 installed under sink – close up – courtesy of Amazon

Moving on to the Bad (the 3 star feedback):

  • Noisy
  • Plastic pipe adapter can crack
  • Heavy unit can make installation difficult
  • Smaller mouth and smaller interior

As with all the cheaper units, users still do mention the noticeable noise.

However, any unit will be somewhat noisy, and it is only activated for short periods. This may not be a real issue for many users, especially when comparing prices.

Some users have mentioned that the black plastic pipe adapter can be fragile and can crack, so just be aware of this.

Freeing up a jam seems to be more difficult than with the InSinkErator models, which allow you to turn the motor shaft from the exterior of the unit.

Some users do find holding the unit in place whilst mounting it problematic, due mainly to the weight of the disposers. Not an uncommon complaint, but all larger disposers will have this potential downside. Just make sure you have a helper on hand, or a car jack of some sort to take the weight.

A few users have mentioned the small mouth which means they have to be patient feeding waste into the unit for grinding. Again, this is potentially due to the sound insulation that the companies are now incorporating to try and reduce operating noise, which inevitably reduces the size of the interior grinding chamber and this the opening thereto.

And, onto the Ugly (the 1 star feedback):

  • Leaks
  • Black plastic fittings can crack over time
  • EZ Mount system can cause annoyance
  • Some struggles with slippery waste

As explained in almost all the other reviews for Waste King and InSinkerator, you can sometimes get a refurbished unit from Amazon when you thought you were buying new, and/or the unit may decide to leak from the outset.

Again, from analysis of buyers, this seems to apply across all brands. Quality control is perhaps not quite as good as it should be, but this is only a small percentage of complaints.

I would suggest you simply trust that your unit will be fine, since all of the disposers seem to have this potential problem. Get it installed rapidly once received, and if it fails, then you should be within the 30 day returns period for Amazon. Amazon is excellent and is likely to simply replace it with no questions asked.

A handful of users have complained about the black plastic piping and neck cracking over time (after 6 years in one case, and in another it was cracked out of the box). This does not seem to be a regular occurrence.

We’ve discussed the EZ Mount System and the traditional 3 Bolt System in every Waste King review. The majority of users have no issues with the EZ Mount System, but some do. Personally, I would use the 3 Bolt System (check out the identical Waste King L-9940 if you want the 3 Bolt Mount).

And, as it seems with all modern garbage disposers, they can all struggle occasionally to grind slippery waste, such as peel, rind, lettuce, pasta, etc. not always, but some users are disappointed with this.

You can see more WasteKing Garbage Disposals or go through the list of best garbage disposal brands.

Star Rating on Amazon:

Four and a half stars

Customer rating: 978 users out of 1,288 rate this unit 5 stars

“Great price, easy install, and quieter” – Verified Purchase

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Use this Interactive Guide to Choose the Right Garbage Disposer for You

Features of the Waste King L-3300 ¾ HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

Motor Power – The motor of this incredible product has ¾ Horsepower which means that the machine is more than powerful enough for nearly all but the largest households. Moreover, it is equipped with a Vortex permanent magnet motor.

Easy Installation – For installation, the machine utilizes the EZ Mount System, developed by Waste King. No need to spend too much time under the sink to install. A good length of power cord is provided as standard with a plug, so no electrical experience is required.

Maintenance & Cleansing – With the completely removable splash guard, you can easily clean the machine.

Warranty – The Warranty is one of the most important aspects of any product. Waste King has you covered. The Waste King L-3300 comes with a warranty of 10-years covering mechanical faults and a lifetime corrosion warranty. This is good, just keep your receipts.

Final verdict

To sum it all up, this unit is right up there with the bigger L-8000 unit which has a lifetime warranty. If you do not need a massive 1 HP unit, then this is definitely your next choice with the next best warranty. Keep the receipt, and if it fails, Waste King should have you covered for a replacement Waste King L-3300 ¾ HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal for free from the company.

  • Powerful, affordable and reliable
  • 10-years warranty offered by the manufacturer
  • Lifetime corrosion warranty
  • Compact and efficient design
  • Comes with the power cord and removable splash guard
  • Can use in commercial situations, such as in small restaurants
  • Low noise operation
  • Some users complain about the noise
  • A small number of complaints about the plastic cracking over time

Star Rating on Amazon:

Four and a half stars

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