Waste King L-3300 ¾ HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal Review

Do you have a big family or fond of gathering and parties? Then you might be looking for the large Garbage DisposalWaste King L-3300 ¾ HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal which can easily handle a lot of mess and clean your kitchen in seconds. If yes then Waste King L-3300 ¾ HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal is the largest one offering by the market legend Waste King. With the high power motor, you can easily crush the food waste material very easily and efficiently. It offers the 2700 RPM. It can easily handle all kind of waste material from vegetables to bones it can handle everything very easily.

This product is the continuous feed garbage disposal means that you can keep on adding the waste it keeps on doing its job. The great thing about this product or any product you should consider the durability factor. For the durability, the major components of the machine are made up of the stainless steel. Moreover, the removable splash guard helps the user to maintain and clean the unit.

Most of the user thinks that due to high power motor the machine would create the noise and disturb the user in the kitchen but believe us the machine doesn’t create any noise. The components of the machine are highly insulated which lets the grinding operation in silent mode. You can see more WasteKing Garbage Disposals or go through the list of best garbage disposal brands.

Features of Waste King L-3300 ¾ HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

Motor Power – The motor of this incredible product has ¾ Horsepower which means that the machine is very powerful. Moreover, it is equipped with the Vortex a permanent magnet motor. If you need to prefer the Legend 3300 over any machine then don’t hesitate to do that.

Easy Installation – For the installation purpose, the machine has its own mounting system. No need to spend too much time under the sink for the installation. For the easy power plugging the machine also has a good length power cord. It is best to use with the septic tanks also.

Maintenance & Cleansing – The design of the machine is really incredible. It is ready to give your maximum output as well as makes the maintenance and cleansing super easy for you. With the completely removable splash guard, you can easily clean the machine.

Warranty – The Warranty is one of the most important expect of any product and waste King covered it very well. The Waste King L-3300 comes with the warranty of 10-years against the mechanical and corrosion for the lifetime. None of the customers can demand more than that.

Final verdicts

To sum up all, you have no need to worry about the noise of the grinding operations and also of corrosion. If it gets rusted then got shy to grab a brand new Waste King L-3300 ¾ HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal for free from the company.

  • Highly powerful, affordable and reliable.
  • 10-years warranty offered by the manufacturer.
  • Lifetime corrosion warranty.
  • Compact & efficient design.
  • Comes with the power cord and removable splash guard.
  • Can use for commercial use in small restaurants.
  • Noise-free operations.
  • Few customers still complain about the vibration under the sink.
  • Some users also complain about the noise.


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