Feedback, Opinion and Review of the Powerful Waste King L-9980 1 HP Garbage Disposal

The Takeaway – ‘The Waste King L-9980 1HP Garbage Disposal – for some reason, not as popular as the Waste King L-8000, but identical apart from a 3-Bolt Mount it uses. Some users prefer the 3-Bolt Mount as more secure. Lifetime warranty and a huge 1HP motor. An excellent option for a bigger household.’

The Waste King L-9980 Garbage Disposer by the numbers:
Waste King L-9980 1 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal Legend Series

  • The L-9980 is identical to our Best Buy Waste King L-8000, but with a 3-Bolt Mount instead
  • 313 users out of 448 (70%) rate this unit 5 stars – slightly higher than average
  • Only 22 users out of 448 (5%) rate this unit 1 star – lower than average
  • As always, use plumbers putty when installing – users prefer the 3-Bolt over the EZ Mount
  • 1 HP 2,800 RPM motor is extremely powerful – great for teenage families or more than 4 in the household
  • Comes with a power cord and plug for easy ‘plug-and-play’
  • Make sure you have space under your sink – it’s a big unit!
  • As with the L-8000, class-leading lifetime warranty for the original owner
  • Hovering around $150, so it is great value

The Waste King L-9980 garbage disposer is almost identical to the L-8000 model (read the review here).

If you are not bothered about how you connect your garbage disposer to your sink, then opt for the L-8000, as it comes with the EZ Mount system which will save you about 10 minutes on your install.

Having said that, some feedback from buyers who have tried both units does suggest a preference for the 3-Bolt system shown in the picture below over the EZ Mount system. These users report that the 3-Bolt system is just more secure over a longer period, and that, with vibrational feedback, the EZ Mount can work loose and needs re-tightening once or twice a year.

This is the 3 Bolt Mount system of the L-9980 …

Waste King L-9980 3 Bolt Mount
Waste King L-9980 3 Bolt Mount

… and this is the EZ Mount system of the L-8000, which is identical in every other respect …

Waste King L-8000 EZ Mount
Waste King L-8000 EZ Mount

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from User Feedback

Let’s start with the Ugly:

The 3-Bolt Mount is not necessarily cross-compatible with other 3-Bolt mounting systems. So do not assume that this will be a direct fit for a Quick Lock InSinkErator model, for example.

If you are hoping to simply twist and replace, then give the Waste King customer care line a call first to get their advice.

Users also complain of damaged product received through Amazon. This is unfortunate, but Amazon do a great job of quickly replacing broken or damaged units.

As with the L-8000, this is a big, powerful device – imagine having a wood chipper under your sink, and you get the picture. With a 1HP motor, it brings advantages (it’ll deal with just about everything you throw at it – obviously great for a big family!). But, equally, you cannot expect a super quiet grinding experience with that power.

If you have a cheaper sink, especially one that is made from thin sheet metal and which flexes easily, be aware that this disposer is heavy and powerful. Vibration will inevitably be greater, and that will put more strain on the mounting and your sink. Personally, with a flimsier sink, I would opt for a half horsepower or three-quarter horsepower disposer to reduce the noise and vibration. If you have a solid sink, then there should be no issue.

Moving on to the Bad:

If the unit does not appear to be draining, despite being installed correctly, then the splash guard (the rubber flappy device in the mouth of the unit) is probably not letting enough water into the unit fast enough. Carefully open up the flaps, and with the water running, switch the disposer on. If it drains well, then its the splash guard. Talk to the Waste King customer care and/or make some careful modifications to the flaps to increase water flow into the device.

Some users also seem to have trouble with heavier rinds, such as water melon. Be aware of this.

And, then there’s the noise again! It’s a recurring theme. But, honestly, what do you expect with a huge motor at this price point? Just temper your expectations, and you should be happy overall.

And, onto the Good:

Buyers like the 3-Bolt mounting system, and generally comment that it feels sturdier.

Some users also do report that it can be mounted to similar 3 Bolt systems. As mentioned above, though, do not count on this and check with the customer care line before purchasing.

Buyers like the Lifetime Warranty, and the fact that Waste King seems to do a good job of honoring it. Just be aware that the warranty belongs to the first purchaser, and so may be problematic if you try to make a claim after moving into a new home with it already installed by the previous occupant.

Ideally, install with two people – it is a heavy unit, but the vast majority of buyers do report a trouble free experience mounting the disposer to their sink.

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Star Rating on Amazon:

Rated four stars

Customer rating: 313 people out of 448 rate this unit 5 stars

“After a full year of almost daily use, I can honestly say the Waste King has exceeded my expectations. It gnaws through anything and everything I’ve stuffed into the hole.” – Verified Purchase

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Features of Waste King L-9980 1 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal

Motor Power – There are many factors to consider when deciding which is the best Garbage Disposal for your kitchen. Among them is the power of the motor. This product is equipped with a 1 HP motor which is the largest you can buy out of the top three brands. The motor offers a top speed of 2800 RPM, but more importantly high torque to prevent or limit the chance of jamming. If you like ‘heavy duty’ then this ticks a big box.

Durability – From all the user feedback, durability appears good. Stainless steel grinding components are used. Keep the receipt somewhere safe and the Lifetime Warranty should take care of you if the device does fail after a few years.

Noise Level – This Waste King unit is inevitably noisier than smaller units, but no more noisy than comparably powered units.

Compact & Space Efficient Design – The Legend 9980 is a big unit, due to the big motor. Make sure you have the space. The complete height of the unit is 16.1 inches and the weight is just 14.2 pounds.

Installation System – The product uses the 3 Bolt mounting system, whereas the better selling identical unit L-8000 uses the EZ Mount installation system. Install times seems to vary from 15 minutes to an hour or so where corrosion is in evident.

Final Verdict

All in all, the Waste King L-9980 1 HP Continuous Feed Garbage Disposal is, together with the L-8000, one of the best, large garbage disposers. It is highly recommend for heavier duty use, such as with large families and small restaurants, and will pretty much crush anything that you can throw at it.

  • Highly affordable with a lower price tag
  • High power and efficient performance
  • Suitable for heavy use in home
  • 36 inches Power cord included
  • Uses an arguably more stable 3-Bolt mounting system
  • Vibration free operation, particularly when mounted to a sturdy sink
  • Excellent, class leading Lifetime Warranty
  • Removable splash guard is not included which can make cleaning and maintenance tricky
  • Big motor, so don’t expect silent operation
  • Large housing will take up under-sink space
Star Rating on Amazon:

Rated four stars

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