Feedback, Opinion and Review of the Waste King Legend 3200 ¾ HP Garbage Disposal

The Takeaway – ‘The Waste King 3200 ¾ HP Garbage Disposal – perfect for families up to four, decent 8 yr warranty, motor which is adequate and less noisy than its bigger brother (the L-8000). All for around $100. Nice!’

The Waste King 3200 Garbage Disposal by the numbers:
Waste King Legend 3200 ¾ HP Garbage Disposal

  • The L-3200 uses the EZ-Mount system, which seems on the whole to work fine but some users prefer the older standard 3-Bolt Mount (if you prefer this and want 0.75 HP motor, then pick the Waste King 9940)
  • 2,914 users out of 3,992 (73%) rate this unit 5 stars – above average
  • Only 199 users out of 3,992 (5%) rate this unit 1 star – just a fraction over average
  • 0.75 HP 2,700 RPM motor is powerful enough – it really will be fine for couples to all but the biggest families
  • As with all Waste Kings, comes with a power cord and plug for easy ‘plug-and-play’
  • Not a massive housing, so does leave space under you sink!
  • Slightly smaller motor, so is quieter than the bigger 1 HP units
  • The warranty is 8 years, which is really good compared to InSinkErator
  • Waste King customer care has good feedback, better than InSinkErator
  • Hovering around $100, so it is good value

(First published May 2018, this review with collation of opinions and feedback has been updated again January 2023)

The L-3200 Garbage Disposer is almost identical to the L-9940, except for the EZ-Mount system on the former and the 3-Bolt more traditional connector on the latter:

This is the 3 Bolt Mount system of the L-9940 …

Waste King 3 Bolt Mount
Waste King 3 Bolt Mount

… and this is the EZ Mount system of the L-3200, which is identical in every other respect …

Waste King EZ-Mount system
Waste King EZ-Mount system

This L-3200 unit is a great option for households up to around 4 people. The motor is not overly powerful, running at 3/4 HP and 2,700 RPM, plus all stainless grinding gear for longevity.

And, because the motor is not a huge 1 HP unit, the size of the unit is less, leaving you under-sink space.

As with all the devices, my recommendation would be to check the rigidity of your sink before installing any disposer. If you sink flexes, indicating that it is a cheaper stainless steel material, then go for a 1/2 HP unit to try and mitigate the potential vibrational noise.

If your sink does not flex, then the larger units should be fine.

Just be aware that the EZ-Mount system may not fit extremely thick sinks, such as clay or porcelain. In these cases, opt for the 3-Bolt system shown above (the identical L-9940 has this mount).

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from User Feedback

Let’s start with the Good (the 5 star feedback):

The overwhelming number of users like:

  • the great value, hovering at about $100
  • the simplicity of installation
  • the relative quietness during use
  • that it isn’t as large as the units with the 1 HP motors

Although some users have gripes, outlined above, about installing the unit with the EZ-Mount system, the large majority find it a breeze to mount and connect up.

For $100, the unit rally is good value, especially considering the good 8 year warranty (Waste King do a good job of honoring the warranty also, which is reassuring).

Most users also find the unit quiet enough – not super silent, but not overly noisy. Again, check your sink as you are likely to have less issues if your sink is completely rigid.

Moving on to the Bad (the 3 star feedback):

Don’t grind up the knockout plug. Only one buyer has had issues with this, but the instructions suggest that the plug can be ground up. Therefore, the recommendation is (and with the power disconnected!), retrieve the knockout plug from the grinding chamber and simply put it in the garbage.

Again, a low proportion of users do feel it is noisy, and perhaps less powerful than the equivalent 3/4 HP Badger unit.

Additionally, the vibration of the unit in use can lead to the EZ-Mount system working loose, and then leaks occur around the flange.

And, onto the Ugly (the 1 star feedback):

Although not many, the majority of unhappy users fall into one or more of these categories:

  • the disposer is too noisy
  • the EZ-Mount system is not easy
  • leaks

To overcome the noise issue, as I described above, make sure your sink is strong enough. The motor is reasonably powerful and torquey. If your sink flexes, you will get some vibration and this will be amplified by your under sink cabinet.

If you are worried about noise, and have a weaker sink, then choose a 1/2 HP disposer from our list above.

Some buyers have real issues with the EZ-Mount system. It seems to work great with a majority of buyers, but some do have problems getting the flange to tightly seat in the mouth of the sink. Always use plumbers putty, and this should solve the problem.

As with all the units, a proportion will leave the factory defective – this comment occurs across all the garbage disposers. If defective, then expect a leak from the base. The trick is to get the unit installed within the first 30 days, so that you can use the excellent Amazon returns policy to easily get a replacement.

You can see more WasteKing Garbage Disposals or go through the list of best garbage disposal brands.

Star Rating on Amazon:

Four and a half stars

Customer rating: 2,914 people out of 3,992 rate this unit 5 stars

“Pretty Powerful and Quiet.” – Verified Purchase

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Features of the Waste King Legend 3200 ¾ HP

Installation – The Waste King Legend 3200 comes with the EZ-Sink Mounting system. By and large, this makes the unit super easier to install, either as a fresh install or as a replacement.

Integrated Power Cable – As with all Waste King units, having an integrated power cable in the package is an advantage. Without it, such as with some InSinkErator units, you need to purchase this extra and/or hard wire the device into your ring main.

Noise – It’s got a foam core filled housing to dampen noise. But, it’s impossible to make everyone happy. This L-3200 unit is not the quietest, but equally is not the nosiest.

Grinding Power – The 2700 RPM motor is good enough. And, that’s all you really need. All the modern units seems to struggle somewhat with thick (watermelon!) rind, almost no matter what size of motor you have.

Stainless Steel Made – The major components of the unit are made from stainless steel. Durability is pretty good.

Warranty – The manufacturer offers an 8 year warranty, and also comes with a lifetime corrosion warranty. User feedback is good regarding Waste King customer care.

Final verdict

This is a good machine, with a nice balance between power, size, cost and warranty. It’s hard to beat the $100 price tag, 3/4 HP motor, better than average 5 star reviews, and 8 year warranty.

If my sink was solid stainless with no flex, then this L-3200 with the EZ-Mount and the equivalent L-9940 with the 3-Bolt Mounting would be at or near the top of my shopping list. Personally, the 3-Bolt Mount of the L-9940 would edge my decision, simply because some users find the EZ-Mount tends to loosen from vibration over time – I only want to do the job once, and would spend the extra $20.

  • Great price.
  • Easy and fast to install the machine properly.
  • The insulation shell around the unit makes it quite low noise.
  • Above average good reviews.
  • The manufacturer offers a well-supported 8 year warranty, plus lifetime corrosion warranty.
  • The grinding components are made of stainless steel, which limits corrosion issues.
  • Some users still complain about the noise.
  • EZ-Mount system can work loose over time, so needs periodic checking to prevent leaks.

Star Rating on Amazon:

Four and a half stars

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